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Subject: DOCBOOK: DOCBOOKAPPS: Is there any ENTRYTBL in ANY print stylsheets?


	The entrytbl subtables are supported in HTML but not in print
(SGML stylsheets 1.54). Is there a way of printing entrytbl subtables? Why
the limitation to (presumably only) HTML?

Would it be possible to get the following to work without bending
backwards in (rephrase "over") the stylesheets?
 (N.B. second two morerows!!!)

 <informaltable frame="all" pgwide="1">
  <tgroup cols="4">
    <entry morerows="1">cleared</entry>
    <entry morerows="1">2000.01.19</entry>
    <entry><para>bla bla test test test test test bla test test test test
test text unremarkable text...</para></entry>
    <entry morerows="1"></entry>
    <entry morerows="1"></entry>
    <entry><para>More unremarkable text...</para></entry>
    <entry><lierallayout>More unremarkable text...
test test test test test test test
bla bla bla bla</literallayout></entry>
    <entry><para>test text that goes on and on and on and on and on and on
and on and on and on and so on goes here... But this text should contain
line breaks
and other evils that disturb the flow. Maybe a ulink or two wouldn't go
amiss said the author and popped two in for good measure.</para></entry>

My plan was to create a table from an existing dataset. I wanted to
recursively create subtables (entrytbl) in order to avoid mucking around
with vertical spans. When I found out that entrytbl doesn't print (I
think) I decided to cut a corner on the recusion by passing the morerows
down from row to row. I would have used a history of one row so that I
could change the morerows in the previous row if I had a new date in the

time and date (date entry)
	-save row to history
time and same date (empty date entry (morerows=1))
	-save row to history and print previuos row
time and date (date entry (remove morerows=1 from previous row))
	-save row to history and print previous row

Any answers would be welcome. I've already started to prepare the entire
table recursively so as to get the spans working... but I'd really love to
avoid the hassle of chewing memory with, a few thousand, row spans that 
bridge a large volume of text. Then again if there's no easy way out then
that's that :-).



P.s. How do I make the above table look decent in print? why does the
literallayout not work?

P.p.s. Decent would be anything the looks good to Sebastian :-)

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