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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Date in PCDATA?

>>>>> "Norman" == Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com> writes:

    Norman> I added an RFE for it.

It would be intersting to have an RFE for a <today /> too. 

It could be used like the \today in LaTeX to print the date a document
was converted to any other format. It coulde be even made in a group
of tags:

   <day />
   <month />
   <year />
   <hour />
   <minute />
   <seconds />

And allow text:

<para>Last printed on: <today><day /> of <month /> of <year /> at
<hour />:<minute />:<seconds /></today>.</para>

I don't know if other people find this useful, but I think it's worth
having it. 

See you,
Godoy. <godoy@conectiva.com>

Departamento de Publicações       Conectiva S.A.
Publishing Department             Conectiva Inc.

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