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Subject: DOCBOOK: Setting up an SGML system

I've tried several times to get a working SGML (DocBook and DSSSL)
system on my Linux machines, and I succeeded exactly once. I've never
been able to reproduce it. It should NOT be this difficult. Perhaps
someone can help.

I have a file called lgp.sgml that I would like to convert to both an
HTML tree and a TeX file (for processing with JadeTeX and eventual
conversion to PDF). Norm Walsh's modular stylesheets are in the nwalsh/
directory (relative to the location of lgp.sgml), the DocBook DTD is in
docbook/, and both openjade and jade are installed on my system and
accessible from any user account. lgp.sgml needs to access EPS and PNG
figures in the figures/ directory. The Docbook DTD and stylesheets are
stored locally in the project directory so I can hand the exact files I
used to the publisher.

a) What else do I need? I would like to use as few tools as possible, so
that the publisher can easily reproduce the setup. Windows compatibility
would be a plus (the publisher is Linux-friendly, but uses Windows for

b) What would be the proper options to openjade to perform the
conversion? It would ideally assume no environment variables. It doesn't
matter if the command is long; I'll put it in a makefile.


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