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Subject: DOCBOOK: Weird ulink / index interaction

[ message first sent on docbook list on 2000-07-10 ]

Hi all,

I just experimented a strange behaviour of the DSSSL Stylesheets:
I redefined the ulink element, to pass through some hyphenation
problems, but this resulted in the modification of the text being
printed in index. Instead of the page number for each indexterm , I get
the HTML page name!
HTML output is OK, just the dvi seems affected.

-------------- ps2ascii of index page -------------
Index bar
icons, Managing windows and desktops
(lin4begin-use-kde-gnome.html\#AEN476) menu, Managing windows and
desktops (lin4begin-use-kde-gnome.html\#AEN467) status, Managing windows
and desktops (lin4begin-use-kde-gnome.html\#AEN482) tool, Elements
displayed (lin4begin-use-kde-gnome. html\#AEN431) desktop, Elements
displayed (lin4begin-use-kde-gnome. html\#AEN439)
changing, Managing windows and desktops
(lin4begin-use-kde-gnome.html\#AEN487) GPL, The GNU General
Public License (a3436.html\ #AEN3442) graphical  

See my customization below, removing it solves the problem, but I need
it ;-)

Thanks, Camille.

----------- dsssl customization -------------------

(element ulink
  (make sequence
    (if %footnote-ulinks%
        ($ss-seq$ + (literal (footnote-number (current-node))))
        (if (and %show-ulinks%
                 (not (equal? (attribute-string (normalize "url"))
                              (data-of (current-node)))))
            (make sequence
              (literal " (")
;; Add easily identifiable strings for .tex post-processing
	      (literal "urlurlurl")
              (literal (attribute-string (normalize "url")))
	      (literal "lrulrulru")
              (literal ")"))

<!-- This file was produced by collateindex.pl.         -->
<!-- Remove this comment if you edit this file by hand! -->
<!-- ULINK is abused here.
      The URL attribute holds the URL that points from the index entry
      back to the appropriate place in the output produced by the HTML
      stylesheet. (It's much easier to calculate this URL in the first

      The Role attribute holds the ID (either real or manufactured) of
      the corresponding INDEXTERM.  This is used by the print backends
      to produce page numbers.

      The entries below are sorted and collated into the correct order.
      Duplicates may be removed in the HTML backend, but in the print
      backends, it is impossible to suppress duplicate pages or coalesce
      sequences of pages into a range.

    <ulink url="lin4begin-use-kde-gnome.html#AEN476" role="AEN476">Managing windows and desktops</ulink>
    <ulink url="lin4begin-use-kde-gnome.html#AEN467" role="AEN467">Managing windows and desktops</ulink>
    <ulink url="lin4begin-use-kde-gnome.html#AEN482" role="AEN482">Managing windows and desktops</ulink>
    <ulink url="lin4begin-use-kde-gnome.html#AEN431" role="AEN431">Elements displayed</ulink>

    <ulink url="lin4begin-use-kde-gnome.html#AEN439" role="AEN439">Elements displayed</ulink>
    <ulink url="lin4begin-use-kde-gnome.html#AEN487" role="AEN487">Managing windows and desktops</ulink>

    <ulink url="a3436.html#AEN3442" role="AEN3442">The GNU General Public License</ulink>

    <ulink url="x301.html#AEN346" role="AEN346">Identify yourself</ulink>

    <ulink url="lin4begin-use-kde-gnome.html#AEN423" role="AEN423">Elements displayed</ulink>

    <ulink url="x301.html#AEN304" role="AEN304">Begin your session and terminate it</ulink>

    <ulink url="x301.html#AEN311" role="AEN311">Begin your session and terminate it</ulink>,
    <ulink url="x301.html#AEN385" role="AEN385">Close your session</ulink>

    <ulink url="c1483.html#AEN1559" role="AEN1559">Xdrakres: Change the resolution of your display</ulink>

    <ulink url="lin4begin-use-kde-gnome.html#AEN501" role="AEN501">Managing windows and desktops</ulink>
    <ulink url="lin4begin-use-kde-gnome.html#AEN517" role="AEN517">Managing windows and desktops</ulink>


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