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Subject: DOCBOOK: OVERRIDE statement in docbook.cat

I have been trying to simplify the catalog files I use with docbook,
so as to be mostly CATALOG statements, plus the odd BASE and SYSTEM or
PUBLIC entries (previously I have copied and edited all the
distributed catalog file into a single file).

As a result, I now have a catalog that looks like this:


CATALOG "/usr/src/openjade-1.3/dsssl/catalog"
CATALOG "/usr/lib/sgml/docbook.cat"
CATALOG "/usr/lib/sgml/docbook/catalog"

  -- For use with DocBook XSL stylesheets tests, 1.14 --

BASE "/usr/lib/sgml/docbookx.dtd"
PUBLIC "-//Norman Walsh//DTD DocBk XML V3.1.7//EN" "docbookx.dtd"

This works fine, and becomes relatively maintenance free. BUT, I have
to edit docbook.cat first, to add an initial OVERRIDE YES statement to
it; also I have to comment out from
/usr/lib/sgml/docbook/catalog, (the DSSSL style-sheets
catalog), the final SGMLDECL (but this file DOES have an initial
OVERRIDE YES statement in it.

Would it be possible in future releases, for the docbook.cat file to
have an initial OVERRIDE YES, and for the docbook/catalog file to have
the SGMLDECL statement commented out?
Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

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