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Subject: DOCBOOK: ulink, olink...

Hello folks,
I need to use links, and I wonder how to do it with DocBook.
Here are my questions :
- What are the real differences between an ulink tag and an olink tag ?
In others word, in which case using ulink and olink ? Is ulink reserved to define an URL or can we use it for local files ?
- Please find below an exemple of link that I'd like to do :
This code is extracted from the file afm.xml and refer to the file afp.xml :
What is the best solution ?
Solution 1 : with ulink

<ulink url="afp.xml#cor2.1.1">Cahier des Charges</ulink>

Solution 2 : with olink

<!DOCTYPE book SYSTEM "sdocbook.dtd" [
<!ENTITY afp SYSTEM "afp.xml">
<olink targetdocent="afp" localinfo="cor2.1.1">Cahier des Charges</olink>

- This template defined in file xsl/html/xref.xml, why are attributes not processed (LinkMode, LocalInfo, TargetDocEnt, Type) ?
<xsl:template match="olink">
  <xsl:if test="@id">
    <a name="{@id}"/>
- Last question, just for the fun !
What is the meaning of the letter "O" in olink ?
Thanks in advance for your help,
and excuse me for my average English,
Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (CSTB)
Sophia Antipolis - France

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