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Subject: DOCBOOK: Reference markup for Java interfaces

Hi all!

I have question about how to mark up a reference of Java
interfaces. Perhaps you can enlighten me some :-)

We want to document Java interfaces that look like

public interface XMLProducer {
  /** Set the <code>XMLConsumer</code> that will receive XML data. */
  public void setConsumer(XMLConsumer consumer);

Now I wanted to mark these up properly in Docbook (4.1.2 XML) and
create a interface reference. What I ended up with after studying TDG
(paper and online) for hours was the following: 

    <title>Sitemap interface reference</title>
    <refentry id="whatever"><!-- FIXME -->
	<refpurpose>produces <acronym>XML</acronym> data</refpurpose>
	<classsynopsis class="interface" language="java">
	    <methodparam rep="norepeat" choice="req">
	      <parameter moreinfo="none">consumer</parameter>
          This interfaces identifies classes that produce 
          which the <acronym>XML</acronym> data production is started.

But then I got some doubts and resulting questions:

1. Do I use <classsynopsis> correctly?

2. Is a <classsynopsis> within the <refsynopsisdiv> really what I

3. How can I markup more information about the methods of the
   interface (what it does, what the params mean, etc.)?

The only alternative I can think of would be using a reference
<chapter> with a <section> for each interface and a sub <section> for
each method where all <section>s adhere to some still-to-be-defined
markup standards. But this is not what I understand Docbook is
about. There must be a way to completely describe a Java interface in

Thanks a lot for any hint.


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