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Subject: DOCBOOK: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: Affiliation

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Phillip Shelton [mailto:shelton@usq.edu.au]
> I have a small problem.  I want the following mark-up.
>        <affiliation>
>         <orgdiv>Department of Mathematics and Computing</orgdiv>
>         <orgdiv>Faculty of Sciences</orgdiv>
>         <orgname>University of Southern Queensland</orgname>
>        </affiliation>
> But affiliation will only allow <orgname>...</orgname> to come before
> <ordiv>...</orgdiv>
> What should I use instead.?

Why does it make sense for the Organization Division (sub-organization, if
you will) to come before the name of the whole Organization?

P.S.  I've sent this to the DocBook list, instead of DocBook-apps

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