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Subject: DOCBOOK: Few questions

Hello, I've tried to reach archives of the list on oasis-open site, but it 
seem to be down (maybe due to their crash).

Looking to a documentation tool which allow to generate several formats (at 
least one printable and one for electronic use), I found DocBook.

Note: I'm working on windows NT4, and really wants to swich from MS-Word to 
a better, multi-platform and multi-format, documentation tool.

As the SGML to XML step seem to be done with DocBook 4, I go with it.
I wrote a first small set of XML DocBook documents with an unicode text editor.

1) Jade and DSSSL files for rtf works (with right environment vars and 
command line options), but Jade produce a big output with many warning (but 
produce rtf correctly). Cant make them work for html production.

2) With the problem of catalog files, how do you resolve them with XML 
(they were a nice idea with SGML).
I prefer to make my document having a public DocBook DTD, so that other 
users dont have to install DTDs exactly at the same place... but I would 
like tools to map the DTD identifier to my local files and not to search on 
the Internet each time... How is replaced the SGML_CATALOG_FILES?

3) Trying to use an advanced editor (XMetal, XML Spy), bot say that DTD is 
not valid... (maybe a problem due to Question 2).
And trying to use xt with XSL docbook files, xt tries to find my DTD on the 
web too.
Is there people using these tools with DocBook, and how do they use them 
(configuration, catalogs?).

4) As the documentation promise to be large, I'm triying to spare it into 
books, chapters,... (and eventually parts of chapters) and I wants to have 
external entities declarations of next level files in the level where they 
are included (not have to regroup all that in the master document). 
Currently I'm doing it with declaring a DOCTYPE at the beginning of each 
file and with the adequate entities, this works with Jade and DSSSL. But I 
remember to have read that an included document must not declare a doctype 
- which seem normal with XML. So, is it the right way, else what is the 
right way?

Sorry if the answer are on the archives... they're out.



Laurent POINTAL - CNRS/LURE - Service Informatique Experiences
Tel/fax: 01 64 46 82 80 / 01 64 46 41 48
email  : pointal@lure.u-psud.fr  ou  lpointal@planete.net 

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