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Subject: DOCBOOK: Computer Program Mark-up

I am marking up a computer program called Arena.

It is a language that does discrete time simulations.  The basis of this
language is a set of icons that represent specific actions that can be done
in a simulation. It has a bit of a n OO feel to it in that the icons sort of
represent classes and when you add an icon to the model it becomes an
instance of that class.  To represent the logic flow the icons are joined by
lines.  Each of the icons has a name that tells what action that icon
represents.  I can make up new icons that are useful constructs of the basic
icons. Arena calls these modules. When the modules are used and the
simulation is compiled the only thing the compiler sees is the basic blocks
as my modules has been turned into its representation in basic blocks.  Thus
in some ways is a little like the programming language Forth.

I was wondering if someone could help me come up with some sort of mark-up
for the blocks and modules.

I am presently using

<function><guilabel>Name</guilabel> <guiicon>Module</guiicon></function>

But do not feel that it represents the item correctly as you do not *call*
the modules, they are more like parts of a flow diagram, with the data
moving through the model.

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