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Subject: DOCBOOK: HTML id problem

	I have come across a small problem that may just be a configuration bug
on my part.  I am using DocBook v4.1 (SGML) with the 1.57 DSSSL
stylesheets.  In my content, I am using the id attribute for items that
I want to link back to.  I am using the xref tag to link back to these
ids, and it is generating the text from the given xreflabel or
generating auto-text fine.  The problem is the link.  Xref is generating
an appropriate link to the id, such as:

However, the link does not always work.  For the ids that are on the
chapters or section tags, this is fine, as in the HTML output, DocBook
has placed <A NAME="..."> at the appropriate locations.  for the above
example, I have the following markup in my content:
	<command id="HMADDMENUHELP"> ...

I would have expected to get :

but I am not getting the anchor put in place.  As a result, any xrefed
link is not going to the appropriate location in the file when a user
links to it.  I know I can just get around this by using the anchor tag
instead of the id, but I thought that this was what the id attribute was

Like I said, maybe I have some sort of configuration issue, and maybe I
need to set something to #t or whatever.  Any insight would be

Todd Babinski

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