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Subject: DOCBOOK: Problem with DSSSL

I've insstalled both the docbook DTD (version 4.1 SGML) and the modular
DSSSL Stylesheets (version 1.57) according to the instructions on the
definitive guide. 

Jade is installed on my path (using Linux 6.1) but when I try using Jade
with the command:
jade -t rtf -d /usr/local/style/print/docbook.dsl premise.sgm

Get the following errors:

jade:/usr/local/style/print/docbook.dsl:1:73:W: cannot generate system 
identifier for public text "-//James Clark//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN"

jade:/usr/local/style/print/docbook.dsl:297:0:E: reference to entity
"STYLE-SHEET" for which no system identifier could be generated

jade:/usr/local/style/print/docbook.dsl:1:0: entity was defined here

jade:/usr/local/style/print/docbook.dsl:297:0:E: DTD did not contain
element declaration for document type name

jade:/usr/local/style/print/docbook.dsl:119:0:E: notation "DSSSL" for
entity "dbl1hu" undefined

My questions are:

Am I missing anything, both the catalog files for the DTD and the
stylesheets are on my profile and nsgmls is working fine, not returning
any errors.

How do I add the declaration pointing to the DSSSL stylehseet?


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