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Subject: DOCBOOK: Docbook3.1 and me...

Howdy all,

I have been "intoducing" myself to docbook and after installing and
toying, I have 1 problem I cannot answer...

How do I introduce new-lines and carriage-returns in my documents?

I am using pretty dumb little sgml files, the standard 3.1 DTD and the
DSSSL style-sheets for html from the Norman Walsh Online candy-store.

And yet, when I run sgmltools or jade on my sgml files, and call the
stylesheet, I get files output like this:

Test ChapterThis is a test document.Chapter 1. Test ChapterThis is a test

Could someone point me in a direction?  I have the Docbook - Definitive
Guide and I still seem to be missing some piece of the conceptual pie...


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