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Subject: DOCBOOK: Docbook DSSL stylesheets - Some formating problems

 I'm relatively new to docbook and SGML. I made the
 text of my especialization degree final work with
 it. Now I'm with some problems making it to
 conform with brazilian standards to this type of
 work. Now I'll list them:
 * roman-lowercase page numbers, centered on the
 footer of pre-textual pages ( index , preface ,
 dedication), and arabic page numbers right aligned
 on the header of textual pages (the counting
 doesn't restart);
 * No page number on first page of chapters (index,
 preface, appendixes too) ;
 * the copyright page must be completely changed,
 this one is not really a problem, I can easyly
 enter a text editor and type this page, replacing
 the one generated from DocBook, but I want to know
 how I can do this. The format follows:
 Abstract (justified, with margins changed to the
 right half of the page)
 I think that this only can be solved throgh
 programming. Can somebody point me the directions
 to be followed? I really do not want to generate a
 .rtf and edit it on a word processor.
 Best Regards,
   (   /'_ _ _/ (   /_     \  Claudemir Todo Bom
   |/|/// (-(/  |/|/(/(/   |    mailto:todobom@wiredway.com.br
      teleinformatica /    |    http://www.wiredway.com.br/~allgood
http://www.wiredway.com.br \

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