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Subject: DOCBOOK: Index troubles


I have been trying to create an index for my DocBook document, with some 
success.  However, there are still problems:

1) The index doesn't get paginated.  In other words, it just runs off 
the bottom of the page where it starts rather than flowing to a new page.

2) The index either shows up with a ?? as the page number or a -999 as 
the page number in the Table of Contents.

Here is my configuration and what I have tried:

I am using

[root@coconut .gnome-desktop]# rpm -q sgml-tools
[root@coconut .gnome-desktop]# rpm -q jade

on Linux-Mandrake 7.1.

My document defines the index as follows:

<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN" [

<!ENTITY index SYSTEM "book-index.xml">


<!--lots of chapters here-->



I build the index using the following command sequence in my Makefile:


# Create the index
$(SRC)-index.xml: $(XML)
perl /usr/bin/collateindex.pl -N -o $(SRC)-index.xml

# Build the index
HTML.index: $(XML) $(SRC)-index.xml
jade -t sgml -d 
/usr/lib/sgml/stylesheets/nwalsh-modular/html/docbook.dsl -V html-index 
perl /usr/bin/collateindex.pl -i $(SRC)-index -o bible-studies-index.xml 

# Build a Postscript file
# db2ps has bugs; have to go to dvi first, and then use dvips
ps: $(SRC).xml.ps

$(SRC).xml.ps : HTML.index $(XML) $(EPS)
   db2dvi $(XML)
   dvips -o $(SRC).xml.ps $(SRC).xml.dvi

When browsing the list archives, I noticed that several people reported 
that you have to run jadetex several times on your SGML file for the 
.aux file be correctly updated with page numbers, so I tried adding the 
following lines between the db2dvi and the dvips line:

jadetex $(SRC).xml
jadetex $(SRC).xml
jadetex $(SRC).xml

(The example that was given before ran it 3 times.)  This is what 
changed the page number in my TOC from ?? to -999: a change, to be sure, 
but not an improvement.  However, with this modification, the index 
still runs off the bottom of its page rather than flowing to a new page.

Does anybody know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance,

David Orme

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