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Subject: DOCBOOK: Images, and weird errors in toc


I've started using docbook recently for my own documentation and
I've run into couple of problems.

I'd like to know whether it is possible to automaticly scale the images
I use to page width? I can give the scale="123" property, but would
it be possible to give scale="100%" or something?

I'm using docbook <!DOCTYPE Book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook
V4.1//EN">, and am running it on Windows2000, on OpenJade
1.3.4 and MiKTeX 1.20.

I did the installation through a tutorial i found on the net:
A pretty great tutorial BTW. I'm an emacs user now.

But with advances on docbook i've run into trouble:

Using the
the align="center/right" for <imagedata> has no effect whatsoever.

When i use <figure><grapgic align="center"> it seems to work. Is
it supposed to be like this?

Also in the TOC - Table Of Contents - i've put it first - the page
are often very weird - eg. '-999' or '??'. When I view my document
the numbers come here like: 5,6,6,6,-999,-999,-999,11,11,-999 etc.
Sometimes it's full of '??'-s. What's the trouble? It seems to work
mostly but these little things make my life difficult.

I can verify documents, I can process them, etc. All seems to work.
Except these little things.

WHOA. I reprocessed my document and all the TOC numbers are OK.
Very weird.

I've noticed that latex sometimes gives me:

LaTeX Warning: Reference `94' on page 3 undefined on input line 584.
LaTeX Warning: Reference `115' on page 3 undefined on input line 739.

And sometimes doesn't.

Now I get it. I have to texprocess it 2-3 times for the missing page
problem. But still the image alignment doesn't work. Is this all normal?

Indrek Mandre

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