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Subject: DOCBOOK: <literallayout> issues...

Hey folks,

I wonder if this is a common problem or if I am the sole proprietor of
this issue?

The docbook definitive guide defines literallayout as:

"A block of text in which line breaks and white space are to be reproduced

However, when I use the following:

- random "foo" nonsense
- literal "bar" response

in my docbook document and apply:

jade -v -t xml -d \
/usr/local/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl/modular/html/docbook.dsl newschool.sgm

I get output that respects whitespace, but not line breaks???

- random "foo" nonsense - literal "bar" response

I have made sure that there are actually line breaks in there...

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the continued community support all!!!

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