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Subject: DOCBOOK: TeX backend bug, parser problems, and more CDATA

 <!DOCTYPE Book PUBLIC "-//GNOME//DTD DocBook PNG Variant V1.1//EN"[
   <!ENTITY  test.c system "test.c" >

and the Linux docbook installation, I found a few oddities.
Firstly, a "<<" "<<=" ">>" ">>=" plaintext sequence 
following <literallayout> or <! CDATA { is passed into
the intermediary TeX source. TeX seemingly translates this 
into a (&lquot;/&rquot;, is it?) quotation marker. This 
does not happen with HTML.

Secondly, a
  func( &some );
line causes the parser to request a &some; entity.
I would expect this to either be ignored, or to
be reported as a "&some );" entity, but maybe I am
mistaken about how entities are properly terminated.

Misc, DocBook issues:
I use <literallayout> (for external ASCII documents
that might include C snipplets) and <programlisting>
(for example C source). I can use <![ CDATA [ to
avoid the "&some );" issue, but not the "<<" issue.
But I can't use &test.c inside an <![ CDATA [ block
to include an external entity. It's flat out ridiculous:
I can either use an external entity or use CDATA, but
I can't do both combined? 


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