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Subject: DOCBOOK: re: DocBook guide and other issues.

Would be cool. Since the the DocBook community is growing considerably,
it might be worthwhile to start a start an 'OpenSource' like book 
on DocBook, where the book is written by many authors, each contributing
a bit, a section of a chapter for example, on some specific issue...

The book would cover, all elements in a appendix, but in contrast to
the current Definite Guide, also a very extensive chapter with many sections
where important elements are explained etc... Effectively, this would mean
that examples are moved from the appendix to a chapter...

Also a 'semi'-commercial chapter would be available where tools are

Ofcourse, the book would be called 'The OpenSource Guide to DocBook'.

What we would need:
1. a CVS tree where chapters and sections are stored
2. a main editor to manage the project
Anyone, know a good place to setup the CVS?                 

In the mean time, i'll setup a webpage at:

Email additional chapters (or the first) to me. The license
is, of course, FDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html).

Any additions are welcomed. You'll be co-author, and copyright
of the contributed part remains by the author. Off course you
will have to agree to use the FDL license.


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