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Subject: please only post the context you need (was Re: DOCBOOK: FW: problemswith jade.)

>>>>> "PS" == Phillip Shelton <shelton@usq.edu.au> writes:

PS> FW: problems with jade. Rename your test.sgml to test.xml then and
PS> try the following as the last line in the bat file.

PS> docbook\jade\jade.exe -t rtf -d \docbook\print\docbook.dsl
PS> \docbook\jade\xml.dcl test.xml



Just a friendly suggestion.

Please could you only quote the context relevant when you are replying
to a post, instead of simply including the text of the entire previous
post?  This thread is getting longer and longer (845 lines for the
last post).  Remember in some countries people pay by the second or
minute for Internet access, so downloading a long e-mail from a
mailing list with only a few lines appended to the previous post
costing those folks more money and time not to mention disk space.


Alex Lancaster * alexl@bigfoot.com * www.santafe.edu/~alex * +1 510 642-1233

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