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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re: please only post the context you need

>>>>> "PS" == Phillip Shelton <shelton@usq.edu.au> writes:

PS> Apologies.  Dear list, To all. I am sorry that I have loaded the
PS> list with un-needed traffic.

No worries.

PS> I am still new at deciding how much to send back to a post and if
PS> I should only send to the source or cc to the list.  I do not want
PS> to be saying things that are wrong without giving the chance for
PS> those that know more to correct me.  Neither do I want to be too
PS> terse.

My view is that (and it's only my view as a list member, since I'm not
a list moderator and have no formal association with Oasis or Norm
Walsh or anyone), assuming it's not *too* long, it should be fine to
send source to the list, but you only need to do that once, for
follow-up parts you can either quote the section, with changes, or if
it's really large post it to a website or ftp server with a URL.
`diff' and `patch' are also your friend for large files.

RFC 1855 was helpful for me for sorting out these issues (although I'm
probably never in 100% compliance, myself ;-) ):


Alex Lancaster * alexl@bigfoot.com * www.santafe.edu/~alex * +1 510 642-1233

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