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Subject: DOCBOOK: thanks


First of all I would like to thank
David C Mason
Kevin Conder
Carlos Araa
John R Haul

For responding to my mail and providing solution for
my problem.

With the help of the matter which you'll send to me
I was able to convert the Docbook Document to most of
the format like
and many more

Once again a big thank you to all.

And I do have a query and I hope I can have a solution
with your help.

After studying Docbook I feel it's the best tool which
is avialable for Documentation.
But I feel the amount of tags that are involved are
too many and it becomes combersome and complex
specially when one has large amount of documenttion to
be done.
Because I feel it is difficult to remeber all the

Can I have some front end for Docbook.

for example I could write my documentation  in simple
english and then by some way I could convert it into
an sgml file and get all the tags instead of typing
all the tags.
Is it possible to do this?

I  would be gald if you could provide me a solution.

I am using SGML and I am working on a Linux system.

Thanking you

Lin S

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