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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: problems with Docbook, DSSSL stylesheets and Openjade 1.3

Check that the entity files (iso-lat1, etc) are where they are supossed to
be, and that they have the extension mentioned in the catalog file (there was
an error about this last item in some releases).

The "DTDDECL catalog entries are not supported" message is normal: Jade doesn't
support DTD decl. Take it as a warning.


Juan R. Migoya

Carlos Araya wrote:

> I upgraded jade to Openjade 1.3 and it looks like Jade can't find the
> entity set where I stored it.
> SGML_CATALOG_FILES="/usr/local/docbook/docbook.cat:/usr/local/style/catalog:
> /usr/local/src/openjade-1.3/dsssl/catalog" (return added for readability)
> openjade:/usr/local/style/print/../common/dbl1ru.dsl:3:0:E: cannot open
> "/usr/local/docbook/ISOEnts/iso-cyr1.gml" (No such file or directory)
> openjade:/usr/local/docbook/docbook.cat:22:0:W: DTDDECL catalog entries
> are not supported
> Could permissions in the entity files be causing the problem? Is it an
> Openjade specific thing? Has it anything to do with Docbook?
> Thanks
> Carlos
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> life is often undervalued.'' -- Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

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