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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Bottom of page footnotes

On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, overcode@lokigames.com wrote:
> I've set the bop-footnotes variable in dbparam.dsl to #t, but I'm
> still not getting bottom-of-page footnotes with the TeX backend
> (they're collected at the end of each chapter). Any ideas?

What's the command you're issuing? I'm using OpenJade 1.3 and Jadetex
2.20 (but since 2.13, IIRC, I used to get these correctly) and get bop

> Also, line breaking with the TeX backend is rather awful. It
> frequently extends text way out of bounds and into the margins
> (especially things like filenames that contain no spaces). Is there
> a way to ask the backend to NEVER put text out of bounds, even if it
> means breaking the line at an unexpected place?

This is what should happen if TeX backend used the url package. I've
talked to Sebastian and he explained me that it's very difficult to
know what is a URL and what's not to use such instructions. 

Since them, I've been thinking about writing some script that looks
after some common stuff and use the url package (it's a (La)TeX

This 'NEVER' is impossible if you want to get a good output. You might
reduce them a lot, thought... Even writing directly in LaTeX you'll
get these. Look at 'filename.log' for "overfull" messages. 

See you,
Godoy. <godoy@conectiva.com>

Departamento de Publicações       Conectiva S.A.
Publishing Department             Conectiva Inc.

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