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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Announce: Simple DocBook/Slides/XSL Stylesheets


On Wed, Nov 08, 2000 at 10:05:14PM -0600, Paul E Johnson wrote:

> Lately I've been forced into using MS PowerPoint to make slides and html
> output from the same lectures.  It had never occurred me to rebel
> against this and use DocBook to prepare them, until I saw this mention
> of a Slides doctype. How exciting.  This means I could have different
> kinds of output from a single document, right?  So it could be
> substituted for the ordeal known as PowerPoint?

I have been using my XSLies presentation generator as a valid
PowerPoint substitution for some time already. Have a look at


if you're interested.

I have a few patches and improvements submitted by others that I
should make into a new release soon enough. The new version will have

- No dependency on the Java XSLT extension
- Clickable items on the contents page
- Support for controlling which slides are included in the contents
- Easy way of making links between slides.


lempinen@iki.fi http://www.iki.fi/lempinen/
ICQ:19002710  *************  apt-get a life

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