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Subject: DOCBOOK: re: pointing to rows in tables in HTML output?

> > Situation: I convert a docbook file to HTML and want to point to table
> > rows in this HTML output. The <row id=3D"some_id"> elements have an id
> > in the DocBook source, but these id's do not show up in the HTML
> > output. From a second HTML file i want to point to specific rows in
> > the HTML table...

> Anchors?  You're constructing links or some other sort of reference?

I have this DB source code:

                           <row id="test5">
	This input test handling of single, double and tripple bonds.
                                    <para>Input: C=CC#C</para>

And want from an other part of the document point to this row with:

<xref linkend="test1"/>

(this one actually points to a different row :)

But when i convert it to HTML the id test5 does not show up in the
HTML output...

The complete HTML output is at http://jchempaint.sourceforge.net/
-> Test Suite... where i want the numbers in the test reports point
to the tests on the definition page...


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