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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: RFE: Date Format

Hi There!

> Wouldn't that be a role of date?

Role as in an attribute "role"? Possibly....

> There are several problems with calendars in general (sorry, prior life
> as a data analyst dealing with time and dates).


That is all very interesting but it doesn't solve the original problem.
The original problem was that noone could work out what 1/4/2000 (for
example) means...if you pass the problem to a localised stylesheet then
you can help avoid the cultural differences.

> generalized.  Defaults could be "CE" and "Gregorian", and stylesheets
> could translate formats into appropriate display formats.

Agreed, though I don't like this CE term :-)

> The other straighforward alternative is that dates in DocBook be assumed
> to be Gregorian, CE, with other variants simply expressed as literals in
> text.

Yes, but that doesn't avoid the 1/4/2000 problem. I interpret that as
The first of April in the Year 2000 AD whereas Americans might interpret
that as the Fourth of January 2000 AD....

You're too late...

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