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Subject: DOCBOOK: Bug at SGML DTD? Or at DSSSL stylesheets?


Looking at the TDG, I see <figure> being allowed inside a <para>
and the DTD allows me to put that in there, as expected. Even the
stylesheets handle that case correctly. BUT, if we have a construction
such as:

The <figure> inside the <para> doesn't appear in the LoF. If I put it
out of the <para>, everything goes fine. 

(We checked that with <itemizedlist>s and <orderedlist>s, but I think
 it happens for other lists as well)

I think that <para> shouldn't allow elements such as <figure> and
<table> within it. The same for <mediaobject> and other similar

Back to the problem, is this a bug in the DTD or at the DSSSL
stylesheets (figures not appearing in LoF)? What can I do to correct

See you,
Godoy. <godoy@conectiva.com>

Departamento de Publicações       Conectiva S.A.
Publishing Department             Conectiva Inc.

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