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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: RFE: Date Format


> Since when are they not searchable?  http://www.LinuxDoc.org/search.html
> has options for what to search, and one of those is the mailing list
> archives.

So I didn't see the searchable part? I could draw conclusions about how
this reflects on the LDP, but...

> This is, at least in some small part, because the LDP mailing lists are
> full of "flamers".  Some long-time veterans just try to avoid those
> "flame-easy" topics, for the sake of getting any work done.

Some people make a suggestion, a RFE even, to make it easier on
everyone. The point of the matter is that there is a problem with dates
and soemone has attempted (alas, I am thinking not succesffully) to take
it out of the LDP's hands and put it all on the style sheets. Which,
incidentally, happen to render SGML documents in a style suitable to 
one's purpose, location and desire.

> addition to DocBook, but I'm still listening.  For the LDP, this issue
> could be solved by getting non-profit status, and asking authors to give
> the copyrights to the LDP.  This would allow the LDP to make "editorial
> changes", like putting the dates into a sane format.

Rubbish. I wouldn't licence the LDP to have editorial charge of any of
my work in a blue fit; as far as I can see they can't even decide what
date format one should use despite the fact there's an ISO standard. I
could make some particularly nasty remarks about Americans and
Europoeans but I will resist doing so (1).

This doesn't imply I wound not contribute. I would, however, submit work
to it on its current understanding: if anyone wants to make a change,
editorial or not they'll try their best to contact me. 



As far as I can see the Americans want the month first. Period. End of
story. And they're sticking to their guns...

You have a deformed comb,
 so go suck eggs...

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