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Subject: DOCBOOK: Representation questions

I'll re-send the queries I tagged onto another thread earlier, plus a
couple of new ones. All these will recorded for future edification.

First, the new ones:

* What is the recommended way to represent a filename extension by
itself? For example:

   All C program source files should end with
   <filename class="extension">.c</filename>.

Presumably, such a new class for <filename> would stretch the original
intent a bit too much.

* I think I've seen this discussed before, but what is the recommended
way to represent application version numbers? <literal role="version">?

Now, the older ones:

* How should sensitivity information be stored? I would expect there
to be three general classes: "public", "private", and "<partnername>",
to indicate that the document can be shared with a given partner or
customer. The last option could be a list of companies or individuals.

* I would like to formalize the manpage "See also" concept. I don't
think a bibliography is what I'm aiming for, although if that should
be used, that's fine.
  Specifically, I intend to provide a unique document identifier to each
document, and I would like to be able to provide a list of such
identifiers in the meta-information for each document, perhaps with a
relationship value to indicate the relevance of the other document.


-John Daily

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