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Subject: DOCBOOK: "first definition was here" error from Openjade with Docbook


I have installed Docbook, Openjade, etc, with the aim of converting our 
documentation set to Docbook.

My attempts to run a simple test with Docbook XML results in Openjade 
producing lots of errors relating to the entity files, as detailed below.

onsglms doesn't give any errors parsing 'test.xml'

openjade processes the SGML equivalent of 'test.xml' without error.

Any help would be appreciated - I'm sure it's something simple!

Many thanks,

David Brooks

<?xml version='1.0'?>
   <!DOCTYPE chapter PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN">
<chapter><title>Test Chapter</title>
     This is a test document.


openjade -t sgml -E 5 -d d:\docbook\html\docbook.dsl -f test.err 
d:\jade13\pubtext\xml.dcl test.xml

D:\JADE13\BIN\OPENJADE.EXE:d:\docbook\dbx412\ent/iso-lat1.ent:6:19:E: first 
definition was here
D:\JADE13\BIN\OPENJADE.EXE:d:\docbook\dbx412\ent/iso-lat1.ent:7:19:E: first 
definition was here
D:\JADE13\BIN\OPENJADE.EXE:d:\docbook\dbx412\ent/iso-lat1.ent:8:18:E: first 
definition was here
. Total of 433 similar lines

This is in spite of the '-E 5' option.

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