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Subject: DOCBOOK: Docbook, UML and Test


I am looking at a project that will have extensive UML Use Cases and Test
Cases included in the final documentation set.  I'm currently using Docbook
for the manual,
but use cases and test cases don't map to Docbook very well.  I'm
considering creating custom DTD for each, and then running DSSSL
transformations back into Docbook for inclusion in the manual.

1.  Do you know of any good UML, use case, or test DTD?  The only one I've
seen is XMI, which is not even geek legible.
2.  Am I missing something within the Docbook standard that would suffice
for marking these up?

Kindest regards,
Donna K. Kidwell
Technical Communicator
Athens Group, an employee-owned consulting firm integrating technology
strategy and software solutions.

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