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Subject: Re: New to DocBook: XML or SGML, Clark or Open?

Running under Linux, OpenJade 1.3 / OpenSP 1.34 gives the correct error messages (ie.the same as Jade), which suggests that the problem is with the Windows build of OpenJade.

Aren't the error message files generated by Perl scripts? Possibly an older set of include files was used at the time the Windows EXEs were built. I don't have a suitable build environment under Windows (MS Visual C and Perl) to recompile and test.

Dave Brooks

At 21:03 05/04/01 -0700, you wrote:
It may be -- in fact probably is -- a function of the specific binary I'm using (which is the Windows version of OpenJade 1.3 / OpenSP 1.3.4 downloaded from the DSSSL site).  I haven't noticed any announcement of  a newer version -- but I haven't been looking very carefully, either.

A short description of the problem would be that the error messages in general bear no discernable (to me) relevance to the actual error, and are different than those emitted by Jade.  This appears to be true for errors in the SGML document (as opposed to errors in the DSSSL), and so may actually be a problem in OpenSP, rather than OpenJade itself.

A relatively user friendly example is caused by omitting a (required) end-tag.  OpenJade returns:
openjade -c catalog -t rtf -dsgmlweave.dsl sample.sgm

C:\USR\DSSSL\OPENJA~1.3\BIN\OPENJADE.EXE:sample.sgm:60:9:E: invalid content map
C:\USR\DSSSL\OPENJA~1.3\BIN\OPENJADE.EXE:sample.sgm:5:2: content map references non-existent port "SECTION"
While Jade returns
jade -c catalog -t rtf -dsgmlweave.dsl sample.sgm

C:\USR\DSSSL\JADE\JADE.EXE:sample.sgm:60:9:E: end tag for "SECTION" omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified
C:\USR\DSSSL\JADE\JADE.EXE:sample.sgm:5:2: start tag was here

I'm surprised to hear that the quality of the error messages seem to
be lower in OpenJade than in Jade.  Do you have any more information?

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onshore.com.....<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

Mark B. Wroth

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