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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Okay, why?

At 09:38 06/04/01 -0400, <chrisb@kippona.com> wrote:

>From: David Johnson <david@usermode.org>
> >Are there any benefits to XML over SGML when it comes to docbook? Is it 
> worth
> >my time to learn Java and fix those XSLT engines, or is it better spent
> >learning scheme and dsssl?
>I've had the same experience.  Despite the momentum behind XML,
>    SGML+DocBook(DSSSL)+jade+[jadetex,pdfjadetex]+Makefile+emacs(psgml)
>is a great, multiplatform toolchain which you can start using
>this afternoon.



is also great multiplatform toolchain which also runs "out-of-the-box" ? 
[OK, a HOWTO for setting up ISO entity catalogues and catalog search order 
would have been handy :-) ]. My point is that Docbook/XML can be used for 
markup without having to go down the XLST path, while still leaving XLST as 
a future option.


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