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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK:

From: ekkehard.goerlach@pharma.Novartis.com

>Here comes the OLink. To use it, as far as I can see, I have to switch from
>xml to sgml as the xml DTD does not allow subdocuments (no big difference,
>I am using Emacs/psgml). But the crucial thing is, that I have to use 'late
>binding' for the OLinks because they are used in both cases, when the HTML
>version of everything is generated and in the case only one of the books is
>rendered in PDF. For the HTML version I don't know in advance the filenames
>generated (a section might end up in x1911.html). Thus the necessity to
>maintain a cgi-bin script to resolve the links in the HTML case.

You may be able to solve the naming problem with:

  (define %root-filename% "index") 

in the docbook.dsl and 

  <chapter id="chapter1"><title>CHAPTER I</title> ...
  <chapter id="chapter2"><title>CHAPTER II</title> ...

in the sgml sourcefile.  This will produce the first page of the
book in "index.html" and the chapters as chapter1.html,
chapter2.html, etc.


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