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Subject: DOCBOOK: book schema


Iīm writing a document on SGML with DocBook 4.1, and I wondered
if the following would be right:

- one main file with the dtd declaration, book.sgml:

----- start book.sgml -----
<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.1//EN" [
<!ENTITY % entidades.ent SYSTEM "entidades.ent">
<book lang="es" status="draft"><?dbhtml prefix="cap-">

<!-- mmmhh.. arenīt the <toc></toc> elements needed here -->

<part><title>Title 1st part</title>

<part><title>Title 2nd part</title>

<part><title>Title 3rd part</title>


----- end book.sgml -----

- the entidades.ent file reads:

----- start entidades.ent -----

<!ENTITY blah "<emphasis>blah&hellip;</emphasis>">
... many other entities
<!ENTITY chapter1 SYSTEM "file1.sgml">
<!ENTITY chapter2 SYSTEM "file2.sgml">
<!ENTITY chapter3 SYSTEM "file3.sgml">
<!ENTITY chapter4 SYSTEM "dir1/file1.sgml">
<!ENTITY chapter5 SYSTEM "dir1/file2.sgml">
<!ENTITY chapter6 SYSTEM "dir1/file3.sgml">
<!ENTITY chapter7 SYSTEM "dir2/file1.sgml">
<!ENTITY chapter8 SYSTEM "dir2/file2.sgml">
<!ENTITY chapter9 SYSTEM "dir2/file3.sgml">
<!ENTITY chapter9 SYSTEM "dir3/glossar1.sgml">
<!ENTITY chapter9 SYSTEM "dir3/glossar1.sgml">

----- end entidades.ent -----

Then, every fileX.sgml is <chapter></chapter>, and ever
glossarX.sgml is <glossary></glossary> (I wondered if they could
be like <appendix><glossary></glossary></appendix>, so that the
glossaries would show at the end as appendices, together with
some other appendices like a bibliography.

Does everything look fine?

Thank You,

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