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Subject: DOCBOOK: Default entities not working


whenever I try to put the attribute value in between quotes when
defining an entity like:

<!ENTITY bsd "<systemitem class="osname">BSD</systemitem>">

I get the following error message:

openjade:entidades.ent:1:34:E: name start character invalid: only delimiter ">" and parameter separators are allowed

Is there any substitute for double quotes for declaring entities?

Also, some default entities like &lsqb;, &rsqb;, &hellip;, ...
dont produce the expected character output.  Ive noticed this
also happens in some documents around the Internet.  Is there any
solution other than declaring an entity which should be declared
by default?

FYI, Im using DocBook 4.1 SGML and OpenJade v1.3 with OpenSP

Thank You,

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