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Subject: DOCBOOK: Using a bitmap file as book title

I want to use a jpeg file as the book title with the following xml code

<imagedata fileref="xxx.jpg"

Where exactly do I put this code?

Separately under <book><title>...</title> or
between the <title> tags?
How do I get a <title> line in the <head> section of my html file?
By adding the following code in the <mediaobject>?


Following the title there is a <bookinfo> section with <revhistory> in
The best result up to now is that the bitmap is displayed right of the
revhistory table, and not right of and on the same height as the title,
as required.

Guy Thomas
Ubizen Knowledge Center
Grensstraat 1b
B-3010 Leuven
T: +32 16 28 73 52
F: +32 16 28 72 88
email: guy.thomas@ubizen.com

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