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Subject: DOCBOOK: Printing double/triple-dash within tex/pdftex


I'm new to DocBook and quite familiar with LaTeX, pdfLaTeX. I'm running DocBook 4.1 and have written a document with several <screen> tags in it. I discovered a really strange behaviour with some special characters.
I've written in my sgml-file:

<screen format='linespecific'>
    ./configure --prefix=/user/blabla

And running openjade does a good job with html- or rtf-output. But with tex or even pdf-output the "--" double dash is passed to the jadetex-inputfile still as "--". Within TeX it's now converted to the endash character and printed out in that form. Using pure LaTeX I'm using the verbatim-environment and the problem has gone, but within DocBook I don't know how to do that. 

If that question is annoying to you, because it raises every second day, please give me a short hint, there to get any answer, because I've looked for things in deja and the documents, but found nothing.

Ciao, Georg
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