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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Chunking with XML

On Wed, 9 May 2001, ekkehard.goerlach@pharma.novartis.com wrote:

> I am using emacs / XAE in a very similar setting (set/book
> instead of book/chapter). 

My environment as well.

> Here the following comment section at the end of the 'child'
> XML file defines (besides some other stuff) the 'parent
> document' and the level at which the current document is
> inserted:
>  <!--
>   Local Variables:
>   mode: xae
>   sgml-indent-step: 2
>   sgml-indent-data: t
>   sgml-set-face: t
>   sgml-insert-missing-element-comment: nil
>   sgml-parent-document:("booklet.xml" "set" "book")
>   End:
>   -->
> When I open the child doc and hit <TAB> or do a C-c C-e to
> insert an element the parent document is loaded into emacs and
> it's DTD is used.

I added the sgml-parent-document.  Worked very nicely.  Thanks
for that.

Three Questions (Feel free to point me to other documentation that
I obviously may not have read)

1) It looks like the local variables section may be a standard
   section for editors to look for?  I thought this was just an
   Emacs thing.

2) Is there a way to publish this smaller document as its own
   html so that I can continually see that is looks correct
   outside of the full document?

3) I am working in a windows shop and most people here have found
   an affinity for XML spy.  Are there any thoughts on its
   ability to handle the needs of docbook publishing?  Emacs sure
   does a fine job.

Thanks much.
I don't want to be the rock.  Yeah, okay, what do you want to be?
I want to be the piece of glass.

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