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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK: MS files included with elements?

> David Johnson[SMTP:david@usermode.org]
> On Thursday 10 May 2001 20:21, Galen Boyer wrote:
Ah, Galen, a kindred spirit.  There is very little or zero meaning in them
thar fonts IMO, BUT it take ages to realise it.  It's hard, I can tell you,
but keep at it.   

> > Maybe I'm wrong and still having my own issues with giving up the
> > control, but I think there is meaning in them thar fonts.
> > How would you, without the common body of knowledge, know that
> > the list should have had the indentation
> >
> > States
> >    Virginia
> >    Maryland
> >    Massachusetts
> > Cities
> >    Boston
> >    New York
> > Countries
> >    US
> >    Russia
> But looking at the above and imagining how it would look in a WYSIWYG 
> environment, I could surmise that it's a <variablelist>.
Or possibly nested <SimpleList>s.  The meaning is not in the indentation,
it's that there's a list of (something like) 'geographical areas', each one
containing a sub-list of 'examples'.  One then trusts the stylesheet to
render nested simple lists (or whatever you choose to represent your
meaning) in a sensible manner.
	And if you're like me you will argue about rendering, too. For
example, the O'Reilly Docbook guide and MSWord and many (computer related,
normally) books show paragraphs as 'leave a blank line, start next sentence
at left margin' whereas newspapers, books and all traditional printed media
show them as 'Don't leave a blank line; start the next sentence on the next
line, with an indent', which is of course, how we were taught at school.  I
think the latter is correct and the former simply wrong.

>  How do I know that? 
> Because I know what kinds of tags are available and what they are
> generally 
> used for. If you don't know what tags there are, you won't know what it 
> corresponds to. It takes time to learn them so be patient.
Right 100%!!   And then to convince people who don't want to be convinced to
give up control is Mission Impossible. Good luck, Jim.

Regards, Roy Gardiner

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