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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: MS files included with elements?

On Monday 14 May 2001 05:25, Galen Boyer wrote:

> Noone ever seems to be consistent in there styles with Word, even
> when the company has tried to enforce standards.  This is a big
> argument I am having with the Word folks right now.  They go, you
> can enforce what you want with a common template.  My answer ends
> up being, basically, yes, but you don't.  With a publishing
> environment, you would.

A coworker and I thought about using XML to write test procedures in. Instead 
of making people write in XML, we were going to write a Framemaker template, 
and then convert that to XML. However, we quickly came to realize that very 
few people use templates as-is. They all have to tweak them somewhat, 
breaking our scheme. We're still trying to get management to pony up for 

> ...Now, Emacs, thats a whole new battle
> that I think I will not ever wage.

Oh, don't get into an emacs war! Just use emacs if you want to, but don't 
force it on anyone else. They'll just hate you for it. Especially if they're 
a vi person :-)

David Johnson

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