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Subject: DOCBOOK: XML to docbook

i'm transforming xml with xslt to docbook with which i'm going to make
rtf, but having a few problems.

The idea is to create printed code documentation.

please find example xml below.

i'm tring to insert the docbook header using a CDATA section

<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.1//EN">

but when parsed with saxon gives the following:

&lt;!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.1//EN"&gt;

anyone know how to turn the &lt; to <  and &gt; to > ??



------xml snippet-------

<ixDoc:spec xmlns:ixDoc="ILEX" package="Business Logic" module="ixSite">

<ixDoc:class id="ixSite" src="ixSite.js"/>


	<ixDoc:function id="disconnect" partOf="ixSite">
		<ixDoc:description>Closes the connection to the data
		<ixDoc:parameter id="_retval" type="void"

	<ixDoc:function id="getProjectsByUser" partOf="ixSite">
		<ixDoc:description>selects projects assigned to a
		<ixDoc:parameter id="_retval" type="conn"
description="returns a record set from the database"/>
	<ixDoc:function id="getHomeProjectID" partOf="ixSite">
		<ixDoc:description>Gets the ID of the users home
		<ixDoc:parameter id="_retval" type="int"
description="Logged in Users home project id"/>
	<ixDoc:function id="getUnusedProjects" partOf="ixSite">
		<ixDoc:description>returns the unused projects within an
		<ixDoc:parameter id="_retval" type="recordset"
description="returns a record set of unused projects"/>
	<ixDoc:function id="addProj" partOf="ixSite">
		<ixDoc:description>Adds a Project to the
		<ixDoc:parameter id="_retval" type="int"
description="New Project ID"/>
		<ixDoc:parameter id="oProj" type="object"
description="Project object"/>

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