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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: how about an inline version of <note>

    Marc> Yes, organize your text to fit in a "note" as block element
    Marc> ;-)

    Marc> I would have thought that drawing a reader's attention to
    Marc> inline parts is done using "emphasis". Either that or use
    Marc> "phrase" with "role='note'" or something.  I really don't
    Marc> think we want inline admonitions.  do we (rat-tail of
    Marc> "important", "warning" etc....)?

I guess I could use <emphasis> or <phrase> with a role, but I'm not
sure if I agree to your point: docbook already has massive element
proliferation, for example for the various types of lists (simplelist,
variablelist, orderedlist, itemizedlist), and I kind of like it that
way.  I am so used to it that I feel more comfortable when I use the
one that more closely matches the semantics I am thinking of.  I have
this conditioned reflex that if I use a locution more than once (like
"please note that"), then there should be markup for it.

Keep your pencil sharp for when I also ask people if they are
interested in inline lists.

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