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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: tagging package names (rpm, deb)

On Wednesday 30 May 2001 09:02, Mark Johnson wrote:

> > This is simply a filename. It is a file on your system,
> > package or not.
> So is a command (usually), but it has semantics that allow it to be
> distinguished from its hum-drum existence as a mere file. At least that's
> the way I'm thinking about packages...

When you refer to the command as a file (an entry under /usr/bin, for 
example) , you should mark it up as a file. When you refer to a command as a 
command (something you do), you should mark it up as a command.

In terms of a package, it depends upon how you will use it. In 95% of the 
cases, when you refer to a package, you refer to it in its role as a file. 
For the few other cases, a separate tag could be useful. But whether this tag 
should be a part of the official DocBook, or an extension to DocBook, is 
another matter.

The FreeBSD documentation project added several tags that they felt were 
needed. Among these were <devicename>, <hostid> and <username>. Isn't the 
Linux documentation project also working on a DocBook extension? Perhaps this 
is where a package tag should go. Maybe Debian needs to create it's own 
extensions for its own use.

David Johnson

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