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Subject: DOCBOOK:Réf. : Re: DOCBOOK: tagging package names (rpm, deb ) / generating areference manual from source code

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In fact, it seems that there's a general need for an IT topic DTD extention
for DocBook.
It had to cover IT specific concepts :
> Software Configuration
> Plateform Architecture
> Code Documentation

My first idea was to make a DTD (using UML-like semantic),
use it to comment my work (code, makefiles, configfiles, ...)
then generate files with a more document oriented conception (and sometimes
less precise semantic) docbook syntax (using SGML->SGML DSSSL style-sheets)
and finally publish documentation in various format (HMTL, rtf, man pages,
It works, but it's completly specific and not exactly a DocBook extention.

But it seems that many docbooker's consider DocBook DTD extention to do
Am I in the wrong way ?
Is the best way to maintain an "official" IT topic DTD and Style-Sheets
extention for DocBook ?

Of course, if somebody interested in,
I'm ready to share my DTD as a contribution for various "Open Source" DTD
(ask it to me).

Philippe Daigremont

Nik Clayton <nik@nothing-going-on.demon.co.uk> le 31/05/2001 23:54:58

Pour :    David Johnson <david@usermode.org>
cc :  Mark Johnson <mark@phy.duke.edu>, docbook@lists.oasis-open.org

Objet :   Re: DOCBOOK: tagging package names (rpm, deb)

On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 06:14:28PM -0700, David Johnson wrote:
> The FreeBSD documentation project added several tags that they felt were
> needed. Among these were <devicename>, <hostid> and <username>. Isn't the
> Linux documentation project also working on a DocBook extension? Perhaps
> is where a package tag should go. Maybe Debian needs to create it's own
> extensions for its own use.

[ Again, speaking as the person primarily responsible for DocBook on
  FreeBSD ]

I would very much like to work with the Linux community to ensure that
we don't reinvent the wheel, and that (perhaps) we can share one "Open
Source Operating System" DTD between us, to aid document portability.

Anyone interested in working on this should get in touch with me
directly.  The FreeBSD DocBook extensions can be found at


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