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Subject: DOCBOOK: The slides doctype - XSL-FO output

Hello, has any more work been done recently on the slides doctype?  I'm
still using version 1.1, current as of November last year. The regular
HTML slides seem to work just fine for my purposes, but I have never been
able to get the .fo slides to work.  The fo stylesheets produce a .fo
alright, but FOP doesn't like it.  This is what happens:

FOP 0.19.0-CVS
using SAX parser org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser
building formatting object tree
WARNING: Unknown enumerated value for property 'text-align': left
Error in text-align property value 'left':
org.apache.fop.fo.expr.PropertyException: No conversion defined
WARNING: property 'page-master-name' ignored
WARNING: property 'page-master-name' ignored
ERROR: 'master-name' () must be unique across page-masters and

Is this a limitation in FOP, or a bug in the slidesfo.xsl program?  This
version of FOP I use works just fine (more or less...at least a document
does get produced!) for producing PDF output for all other types of
DocBook documents using the XSLFO stylesheets; it is only in conjunction
with the slides doctype that this occurs.  By the way, I'm using version
1.39 of DocBook XSL to do this.  Version 1.29 apparently chokes on the
Slides Doctype in general (not even HTML output works).

This is not such a big deal for me right now, as all my presentations at
the moment seem to occur in places where I can plug my laptop into a
projector, but someday I think I'm going to have to make a presentation
that will have to be printed on acetate for an old-fashioned overhead
projector, so the FO stylesheets would have to work then...

Rafael R. Sevilla <sevillar@team.ph.inter.net>   +63(2)   8177746 ext. 8311
Programmer, InterdotNet Philippines              +63(917) 4458925

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