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Subject: DOCBOOK: Including a Glossary in an Appendix


When including a glossary in an appendix, I got the problem, that the
glossary heading ("Glossar" in a German document) shows up twice in the
HTML output. So, my table of contents looks like this:

A. Anhang (correct)
  A.1. Glossar (correct)
      Glossar (one entry too many)

I tried to include a glossary in an appendix the following way (as part
of a German document):




("glossar" is an entity pointing to the actual glossary file. It is
defined as follows:)

<!ENTITY glossar                 SYSTEM "glossar.xml">

In "glossary.xml" I have the following:

<sect1 id="glossar">


<!-- lots of glossentries -->


The "<para></para>" is just a hack to get a valid XML document.

Now, my question is: How can I include a glossary correctly (meaning that
the glossary heading shows up only once)?

Thanks for any suggestions!



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