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Subject: DOCBOOK: Requirements Document - Markup?

I'm trying to formulate a software requirements document using DocBook 
markup. After looking through the elements in DocBook TDG and searching the 
web, I cannot locate an appropriate scheme for marking this text.

What tags would you recommend for marking up a requirements document?

I have:

Requirement #1 Title
         Description (a sentence or two)
         Acceptance Test (possibly an ordered list
                 on how to test the req't was implemented)
Requirement #2 Title
         Acceptance Test
etc. (for many requirements)

I considered using sections and lists, but didn't feel this solution was 

         <title>Req't #1</title>
         <para>The software shall do....</para>
         <para>To test:</para>
                 <listitem><para>Send the 'foo' command.</para></listitem>
                 <listitem><para>Look for appropriate output.</para></listitem>
                 <listitem><para>Make sure things didn't 



Megan Golding     |  mgolding@secureworks.net
Technical Writer  |  SecureWorks, Inc.

"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and 
I'll understand."  - Native American Proverb

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