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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK: Markup for personal names

> To conclude, if you consider DocBook an interchange DTD, it might 
> make sense to publish the metadata encoded in a DocBook 
> document in a format that can be made available to metadata 
> handling systems.
Yes, I second this approach. You never know what your document will be
used for (or what search robots will make of it), so it is all the more
important that there is a standard way to tag information. However, at a 
lower level down, the granularity <person>...</person>, or
</surname><jobtitle>...</jobtitle>etc</person> is not standardized by DC
so we need a minimal set to tag that information. It should probably be
able to cope both with rich markup (as my latter example) and with
minimal markup (as my former example). m

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